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Can EMDR Help Me?

Sometimes we get stuck in repeating patterns. We may experience anxiety, fears, depression, or angry outbursts, and wonder why we cannot seem to overcome them. We may have experienced losses and worked years to heal from them, thinking “I should be over this already.” EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, was developed 30+ years ago to help military veterans overcome the suffering of combat trauma. ART, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, was developed recently as an offshoot of EMDR. Both are widely used to help people recover from grief and loss, and all types of verbal, emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Both can provide release and healing from experiences that influence you in ways you may not even be aware. There is no hypnosis involved just “adaptive processing networks” in the brain that allow you to heal yourself. The therapist is simply the facilitator. Ask me for an evaluation to see if EMDR and ART might be useful for you. For adults and for children age 9 and over.

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