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The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a tool that helps us accept and embrace life as it is. Once we accept a situation as it is with compassion towards ourselves and others, change can happen more naturally and effectively, creating long-term positive benefits.

There are many mindfulness exercises we practice in session to strengthen our ability to respond calmly and clearly in almost any situation.

Most of us think of mindfulness as a meditation--and it can be, as a way to practice training our awareness. Yet mindfulness is far more than sitting with our eyes closed. It is also being aware of body feelings and intentions at all times. For example, are you holding a mouse right now as you navigate this page, or brushing your finger along a touch screen? Notice the sensations in your hand and fingers...do you experience smoothness, or is the texture rough? Notice your intention to click or swipe. You can actually feel intention as an "about-to" moment in your body. Learning to practice mindfulness in all activities increases our sense of mastery and peace, and our ability to live and find joy in the present moment.

But sometimes sitting with life as it is is just too difficult. Maybe we're experiencing a loss or a disappointment, and the pain is just to much to be with straight-on. That's when we bring in other aids to mindfulness, such as loving-friendliness meditation, or compassion meditation, or empathetic joy or equanimity meditations.

I have trained in mindfulness for many years in the US and in Asia. It is the foundation of my therapy practice, and I am glad to be able to share its benefits with you.

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