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What About Addiction?

If you’re thinking about addressing an addiction, congratulations. Realizing it is time to ask for help is a big first step—perhaps the most important. I understand this process well, and use several approaches that can help with cravings, and with calming your emotions as you work to stay clean and sober.

Of course everyone is different, yet most people discover that simply coming to one or two hours of therapy a week and expecting massive change in a positive direction is unrealistic. If you are new to recovery, to give you the highest chance of succeeding I ask that you attend a recovery support group of your choice in addition to therapy.

To put this theory to the test, ask yourself, “How many hours a week did I devote to getting and using my drink or drug of choice?” And, “how big a part of the dance did isolation play?” If you are like most addicts, the hours added up. That's why most folks in early recovery need a full toolkit of therapeutic, social, and spiritual supports to create new habits that will come naturally, and bring a life of joy, instead of “white-knuckling” it, which only works for awhile anyway. To put it another way, the support must be equal to the task you are undertaking. After all, you are doing no less than rewiring your brain.

If you are feeling hesitant, you're right on track. Each step takes courage. I can be a part of your support network to help you through the many small experiences that will add up to success. If you are committed to your recovery, and see therapy as an important adjunct to other supports you are already receiving, I look forward to working with you.

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